Making it easier to contribute

Aug 18, 2011 at 9:02 AM


First of all; absolutely awesome library/application!

I'm eager to help out in small ways, but do you think we could put up a repo at github? Distributed VCS is the lord of OSS contributions, imo.

About the web software:

 * It would be cool to avoid MVC3 in favor of something better architected like Fubu and to be able to run it on the currently supported mono (2.6)
 * Favoring constructor injection over property injection in controllers
 * Maybe having NHibernate with its SchemaUpdate, SchemaExport and other niceties as the data model instead of Entity Framework that requires Visual Studio and locks its claws around the classes like a hawk around a badger does.
 * Since this domain is collaborative/concurrent domain, wouldn't it be nice to do it with Domain Driven Design/Event Sourcing instead of a database? This would imply supporting almost any underlying storage or cloud and at the same time allowing changes to be logged and published on a bus for other applications to subscribe to.
 * Moving away from statics such as 'Tracing' towards e.g. NLog's interfaces which can be implemented and extended in any way you want (e.g. I have published a gem, NLog.RabbitMQ and there's one target targeting Growl). This would allow us easily upgrading the monitoring infrastructure.