Fiddler Federation Inspector Add-On?

Apr 4, 2012 at 9:47 PM

I have been using the Fiddler Federation Inspector v0.1 and man, is this thing a life saver! I have yet to find anything like it for Fiddler, which leads me to ask if there may be a chance of someone making a couple of additions to the add-on.

Currently, it supports WS-Federation & SAML 2.0 (which is great since I do a lot of protocol transitions between WS-Fed to SAML 2.0 inline).

I also deal with a lot of SAML 1.1 protocol items.

I'm wondering if anyone has an add-on, or if support into the current add-on could be done easily that could add the following:

Decoding a SAML 1.1 packet much like it does with SAML 2.0 & WS-Federation.
Decode the SAMLResponse posts back to the IDP in SP initiated conversations.

Thanks again for a great add-on!